Charter Oak Siding

The products used to make Charter Oak siding provide it with many benefits over other types of siding. PureStrengthTMvinyl resin gives Charter Oak its basic strength and weather resistance. It prevents moisture infiltration from rain and humidity, so panels won’t rot, warp, shrink or swell. The result is low-cost, easy-care maintenance.

Ti-Shield TMtitanium dioxide prevents ultraviolet degradation, so even hot summer sun won’t damage Charter Oak’s beautiful surface. StayRightTM vinyl stabilizers also help prevent heat degradation, both during manufacturing and after installation. TrueShieldTMimpact modifiers give Charter Oak exceptional impact resistance, helping to prevent denting and dinging from routine around-the-house activities. DesignersChoiceTM pigment concentrates are used to produce uniform colors that go clear through Charter Oak panels. You’ll never have to stain or paint again, because the color won’t wash away.

In addition to all of these great products used in the production of Charter Oak siding, the installation of Charter Oak siding through Kodiak Construction creates a strong and beautiful exterior for your home. With so many colors and trim accessories to choose from it is easy to transform your home into your personal dream house.

Siding Styles


Dutch Lap

Matte Finish

Nail Hem

Oak Grain

Color Options

Coventry Siding

Coventry Siding provides durability and beauty to your home’s exterior. Coventry’s heavy-duty construction is fortified with a rolled-top nailing hem to provide extra-strong wall attachment. In laboratory tests conducted according to ASTM guidelines, Coventry achieved hurricane-velocity wind resistance.

In addition to durability, Coventry’s rigidity and strength will add a refined appearance to your home and hide imperfections in the exterior walls. Coventry siding is solid vinyl color through and through, so it will not chip, flake, and blister like painted surfaces. Also, unlike metal sidings, Coventry resists denting from impact. There is very little maintenance on Coventry siding. Simply rinse with your garden hose to remove the occasional collection of dirt and dust.

Coventry’s colors and trim combinations make it easy for you to personalize your home the way you want.

Siding Styles


4" Clapboard

5" Clapboard

4" Dutch Lap

5" Dutch Lap

Nail Hem

Color Options

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