Why Should I Replace My Windows With Innovations?

For most families, a home represents their single biggest investment in the course of a lifetime. But your home is more than an investment, it’s where memories are made and a place where we feel comfortable and safe. When it comes to home improvement projects, naturally you want to feel confident you are making the right decision. And once you have decided to enhance your home with new windows and doors, look no further than Innovations Window & Door Systems.

Innovations Windows & Doors were independently tested and found to be one of the highest rated windows in its class for thermal efficiency and structural performance. Inefficient windows and doors can be costing you up to 40% of your energy bill, money you’re spending with no direct benefit to you. And with energy costs expected to rise in the future, can you afford to keep your current windows and doors?

An investment in Innovations Windows & Doors will pay for itself with years of energy conservation. According to the national cost vs. value report from Remodeling Magazine, the average replacement window project will retain 72% of the upfront cost of investment made by the homeowner. In addition to the financial gains from new windows and doors, you will enjoy and more comfortable home environment, eliminate annual maintenance, and enhance the beauty of your home. The new look your home will receive both inside and out can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Custom made, professionally installed Innovations Windows & Doors will be a compliment to every home.

Summary of Benefits:

      • Immediate Return on Investment
      • Energy Payback
      • Maintenance Free
      • Easy Operation
      • More Comfortable Living
      • Enhance the Beauty of Your Home

Buy With Confidence

Innovations Door & Window Systems is a proud member of EarthWise LLC. EarthWise is a multi-national organization comprised of fifteen manufacturers who share technology, buying power, and provide security to the homeowner through shared responsibility of warranty claims in the event that a member company ceases to exist. As an EarthWise customer, you have assurance that your windows are supported by fifteen manufacturing facilities and that they are further insured by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval is the most highly respected and well known symbol for the assurance of product quality. Good Housekeeping underwrites all EarthWise windows and guarantees to refund your purchase if found to be defective for the first two full years after your purchase. Three great names working in concert: Innovations, EarthWise, and Good Housekeeping.

Innovations Double-Hung Windows – Tradition Meets Technology

Traditional styling is fused with modern technology to deliver the high performance found in the Innovations Double-Hung window. The design of the Innovations Double-Hung offers you the look and beauty of wood windows while virtually eliminating time consuming maintenance and upkeep. Filled with great features and options, you are sure to find the perfect Innovations window for your home.

Exceptional Beauty:

  • Exterior Contoured Frame is fusion welded
  • Equal Sight Lines between upper and lower sash
  • High Performance Sloped Sill with sash interlock
  • Sash detailing offers traditional millwork appearance
  • Shadow grooved sash corners at welded locations
Superior Performance:
  • INNERGY™ Composite Reinforcements at meeting rail
  • Magna-Tite™ bottom sash weather-strip
  • Insul-Core™ frame insulation
  • Triple weather stripped sash
  • EZ-Lift™ balance system for smooth operation
  • Full length Sash Interlock with dual weather-strip
  • Sill Interlock secures lower sash
  • Dual Vent latches provide security
  • Extruded Screen Frame for durability
  • Dual Cam Locks are securely anchored into the sash reinforcement
Ease of Use:
  • EX Tilt™ and Lock Hardware System
  • Contoured Life Rails on both sashes
  • Block and Tackle balance system
INNERGY™ is a soy-based reinforcement product that performs 700 times better than aluminum. Very green. Very strong.

All Innovations windows feature our Conservision800 high efficiency insulated glass system. Conservision800 employs double pane clarity with triple pane performance by utilizing dual sealed units of double strength glass. Every Innovations window is backed by our Lifetime Warranty against seal failure.

Innovations Slider Windows – An Exceptionally Smooth Operator

Sliding windows are a popular choice for many homeowners today due to their great appearance and cost effectiveness. Since the Innovations Sliding Window utilizes virtually all of the same outstanding features found in our double-hung, you can rest assured it will perform well in your home. Innovations Sliders are offered in 2 and 3 Lite styles, and are available with the same colors and options to compliment other window styles.

Exceptional Beauty:

  • Exterior Contoured Frame is fusion welded for optimal strength and to be weathertight
  • Equal Sight Lines between sashes maintain the original look of your home
  • Interior Sash detailing offers traditional millwork appearance
  • Shadow grooved sash corners enhance the finished look of the interior
Superior Performance:
  • High Performance Sill Interlock enhances security and performance in high wind conditions
  • INNERGY™ Composite Reinforcements at meeting rail eliminate sash distortion and bowing
  • Insul-Core™ Frame insulation improves the thermal performance over hollow vinyl windows
  • Triple and Quadruple weather-stripping provide a superior barrier against the elements
  • Full-length Sash Interlock with dual weather-strip virtually eliminates air infiltration
  • Dual Vent Latches provide added security while window is open for ventilation
  • A premium Extruded Screen Frame with fiberglass mesh is standard on Innovation windows
  • Dual Cam Locks are securely anchored into the sash reinforcement
Ease of Use:
  • Tandem Brass Rollers on both sashes ensure smooth operation for a lifetime
  • Contoured Life Rails are carefully designed into the sashes and simplify window operation
  • Easy Lift Out sash design enables simple removal of both sashes for quick cleaning from the inside.

Innovations Casement & Awning Windows – Maximize Your View

Add a touch of elegance to your home with the Innovations Casement Window. Also available in a matching Awning window, these two styles of windows offer the ultimate in performance against high winds and cold temperatures. Utilizing the Vista-View Sash design, Innovations casements offer unobstructed views by maximizing the glass area by reducing the size of sash and frame. To further compliment your home, our casements and awnings are available with the same wide range of color and glass options found with our other window styles.

Exceptional Beauty:
  • Fusions welded Contoured sash profile compliments double-hung and slider styles
  • Vista-View™ Sash utilizes narrower sash proportions to offer maximum glass viewing area
  • Continuous Frame design for multi-lite casement units delivers a more traditional appearance
  • Nesting Hardware neatly folds out of the way as to not interfere with blinds or drapes
Superior Performance:
  • Triple weather-stripped frame and sash design delivers air tight performance
  • Multi-point Hardware system ensures a secure and weather tight seal on every window
  • Heavy-Duty Screen Frame with Recessed Screen Clips deliver an uncluttered interior appearance
  • Adjustable Sash system ensures the sash sites squarely in the frame for optimal performance.
  • Dual Cam Locks are securely anchored into the sash reinforcement

Ease of Use:
  • Dual Arm Operator provides smooth and efficient operation during opening and closing
  • Casement sashes can be opened to 90 degrees for ease of cleaning from inside the home
  • Single Lever locking system allows easy access to hardware for most every user

Innovations casement windows are available in multi-sash and single-frame configurations to minimize the frame and maximize your view and ventilation

LoE-i89 Glass – Turn Your Double-Pane Windows into Triple-Pane Performers

There’s no need to go to triple-pane windows to meet the various energy-savings guidelines. No need to invest in redesigning your windows and altering your manufacturing processes either. A double pane IG unit with LoE-i89 can meet the guidelines. LoE-i89 is sputtered onto the indoor lite, the #4 surface, thus reflecting escaping heat back into the room and lowing U-factors. Coupled with our LoE3 glass and argon fill this double-pane unit delivers performance much better than clear triple-pane – a center of glass U-factor of just 0.20 compared to 0.37 with clear triple-pane.

Cardinal Endur Spacer System:

  • Spacer:
    • Thin wall Stainless Steel with Bent Corners
      • Primary Seal:
        • PIB is an outstanding moisture/gas barrier
        • Secondary Seal:
          • Silicone structural sealant
          • Desiccant:
            • High absorption Molecular Sieve Beads
            • Argon filling in Gas Chamber
            • Laser Logo to facilitate Brand Identity
            • ¾ billion units under 20 warranty
            • 0.20% field failure at year 20
    IG Comparison ASTM Testing:
    • SIGMA Sponsored Study: Over 7500 units collected from glass & window fabricators
    • All testing conducted by Independent Lab
    • Cardinal PIB Silicon with SS Spacer outperformed competitive products by 1.6 to 3.9 times (162% to 395)
    • Cardinal PIB Units did not fail testing – all other units had dew points above 0 degrees Fahrenheit
    • All Edge Deleted Units outperformed Non-Edge Deleted Units by an average of 1.6 times (162%)
    Value Added Products:
    • Preserve
    • Neat Glass
    • LoE-i89
    • .003” thick corona treated polyethylene film
    • Cardinal factory installed transparent film
    • Placed on interior & exterior glass surfaces
    • Protects glass from scratching during installation
    • Glass does not need cleaning after removal
    • Makes masking much easier
    • Neat Coating is a sputtered product with photo catalytic and super hydrophilic properties
    • Water droplets on Neat coated surface have reduced contact angle with the glass
    • Reduced contact angle increases surface contact with atmosphere in the cooler which decreases evaporation time.
    • Condensation dries faster with Neat
    • Dries in 1/3 of the time with 99% fewer water spots (14 min to dry for Neat coated surfaces vs. 42 minutes for uncoated surfaces)

EarthWise Windows & Doors – The Wise Choice

The EarthWise Value Proposition

Strength in Numbers:

Cooperation and shared objectives produce desirable results for everyone involved. Becoming a member of The EarthWise Group enables members to realize significant cost savings on raw materials, derived from our collective buying power. That cost savings can make a member more competitive in the marketplace, and customers benefit from lower prices. Members share decades of experience and insights as well, which can assist in business development and growth. In addition, The EarthWise Group is investing time and resources into developing the EarthWise brand of windows, and that brand equity can go toward driving sales.

A national footprint. Responsive to regional needs. The EarthWise Group is comprised on 18 independently owned manufacturing location that make windows and doors for builders, dealers, distributors and homeowners in the eastern half of the United States. Our expansive membership and strategic geographic locations enable us to offer national warranty coverage while remaining agile, flexible and responsive to differing regional market demands.
A commitment to producing high-quality, energy-efficient products that exceed expectations. Windows and doors manufactured by The EarthWise Group meet and exceed the highest energy efficiency standards and design specifications in the industry. Our products have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal and meet key benchmarks set by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), and the ENERGY STAR program as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The EarthWise Group is a national network of locally owned, independent manufacturers who design and build high quality windows and doors.

Our 18 strategically located manufacturing facilities provide a wide variety of energy-efficient windows and doors for replacement and new construction applications, with options and performance enhancements that are specifically engineered for your local climate.

With sculpted millwork lines and fusion-welded sashes and mainframes, EarthWise Windows & Doors combine classic looks with advanced engineering.

Our products meet the highest energy standards in the industry, including those set by the U. S. Government’s ENERGY STAR program, the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and The American Architectural Manufacturing Association (AAMA).

EarthWise Windows & Doors also carry the Good Housekeeping Seal and are the first and only window and door products to be Made in The USA Certified.

EarthWise products are all made with Sunshield®, an advanced material formulated to withstand the harsh effects of weather and ultraviolet light

The environmentally safe Sunshield® compound exceeds all required material standards for strength.

  • Third-party verification to guarantee Sunshield® performs well in any climate
  • High-grade compounding systems provide consistency in formulations for superior reliability
  • Flame spread is slow and products are self-extinguishing when fire source is removed

The EarthWise Group is made up of 18 independently owned manufacturers that are strategically positioned throughout the Eastern half of the United States.

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