Radiant Barrier Attic Blanket

  • Clean, lightweight, and very strong
  • Saves money and energy
  • No maintenance
  • Non-toxic/non-carcinogenic

  • Professional installation
  • Provides no nest support for rodent or insect pests
  • Meets new ASTM E84 and E2599 fire code

Radiant Barrier reflects heat and is unlike normal insulation, which only slows down or resists heat transfer. Radiant Barrier works with your current insulation to make it more effective. Radiant Barrier can be laid over your present insulation like a blanket or stapled under your rafters or crawl space.

Regardless of how much insulation you have in your attic, adding Radiant Barrier can save you as much as 17% on your energy expense, depending on a number of factors including: climate, building configuration, materials used, site, family size and lifestyle.

In the winter, Radiant Barrier works like a space blanket, which, although very thin and lightweight, holds your body heat in. A thin space blanket can keep you warmer than several heavy blankets. Then in the summer, Radiant Barrier works like a space suit and reflects the sun’s heat before it can warm up the insulation in you attic, ultimately keeping your home cooler. Radiant Barrier has been tested in both small and full-scale laboratories. The Florida Solar Energy Center at Cape Canaveral tests on radiant barrier have indicated that radiant barrier provides significant resistance to heat transfer. Currently, various universities and companies are conducting tests and their data has supported the findings of the Florida Solar Energy Center.

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