Metal Roof Installation & Repair in Grand Rapids, MI

Kodiak Construction offers multiple metal roof product lines from various manufacturers to help you customize your home. Kodiak Construction offers metal roofing because it provides many attractive features not available with other forms of roofing.

Metal roofing is recognized for its resistance to weather and durability. All of our product lines carry weather related warranties along with 40 year to lifetime warranties on paint finishes*. Metal requires very little, if any, maintenance.

Metal roofs are one of the most environmentally friendly roof materials available. The average home re-roofing project generates one to three tons of shingles. Eleven million tons of shingles per year end up in a landfill and they remain there for 300 years. Metal roofs are typically comprised of 25-35% recycled materials and are virtually 100% recyclable at the end of their useful lifespan.

Many people are concerned with the cost and noise associated with a metal roof. The myth of a noisy steel roof comes from barns that were built with an open frame roof. Since homes have insulation the sound generated from rain is similar to other roofing materials and should be no cause for concern. As for the cost of metal roofs, there are many factors to consider. Metal roofs have fast installation, the possibility of reduced insurance rates, lower energy costs, potential tax credits, and better fire ratings. Metal roofs last longer, unlike traditional roofing materials that need to be replaced every 8-12 years. When you combine all of these facts, metal roof prices are very competitive with other roofing materials and the ideal choice for your home.

Overall a metal roof will improve the value of your home while reducing, or possibly eliminating, maintenance. With products from American building components and Allmet Roofing products, Kodiak Construction will help provide you with the metal roof that will transform your house into your dream home.

American Building Components (ABC)

The beauty of color, the strength of steel, the value of durability.

Imperial Rib

  • 3/4th rib with 36" coverage
  • 9" rib spacing with 5 major ribs and 8 minor ribs
  • Durable bake-on paint finish
  • Complete line of trim and accessories
  • Anti-siphon feature
  • Wide variety of beautiful colors
  • 29-gauge standard
  • Galvanized and Galvalume
  • 40 year paint warranty


  • Panel type- concealed fastener metal panel
  • Panel width coverage- 16"
  • Rib height- 1"
  • Metal panel substrate- Galvalume
  • Paint finish type- Siliconized polyester
  • 40 year paint warranty


  • Coverage width: 12", 16" or 18"
  • Snap-together standing seam
  • Minimum slope of 3:12
  • Can be installed over open framing or solid structure
  • 40 year paint warranty

Stone Coated Steel Roofing

  • Limited life time warranty*
  • 2 1/2" Hail stone warranty*
  • Non-prorated warranty*
  • 120 mph wind warranty*
  • Interlocking design prevents leaks and adds durability
  • Triple coat finish for superior protection
  • Light weight
  • 1/2 the weight of wood shake
  • 1/8th the weight of clay title
  • Panels will not crack, curl, burn or split

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